The Smoke Ring Syndicate

Slap Yo Daddy and a stretch goal?

Championship BBQ Pitmaster and famed YouTuber Harry Soo joins The People’s Pitmaster on Smoke Ring Syndicate episode 1 kickoff. We trace his start in the BBQ world to a stretch goal for a self proclaimed IT nerd that transformed from cooking his first BBQ competition winning chicken, into a growing Rub and Sauce business, FB, YT, and Patreon creator “Spreading BBQ Love” with his black belt tips on BBQ and how to be a good human in general! Find out how to get Harry to come cook for you in your backyard in this episode and it’s waaay cheaper than some of these TV chefs. Harry Soo is the face of Slap Yo Daddy BBQ and a glowing reminder of what BBQ really can do for the world.